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Poems about Sociopaths

All forms of creativity, as well as spirituality and art will help you regain your lost and abused self.  I have found that these two works are easily understood by those who have been emotionally abused.  Feel free to share yours:


Stepping lightly, he walked into her life.  “I will not ask for much, just a minute of your time”, he said.

She smiled.  She gave him a minute.

“Hello”, she said.

He sat down, spreading himself comfortably.  His charm meant to leave her defenseless.

“May I have an hour?” inquired.

“Yes”, she shrugged awaiting.

Throwing one leg atop the other, he smiled wider in return.  Her life brightened up.  Perceiving a promise in this visit, experiencing something new and exciting, she offered:

“May I give you an hour more?”

“Of course”, his response was.  One leg atop the other.  Bright smile stretching his mouth.

Enjoying it, she did not notice him moving closer, taking a part of her life.  Grabbing another.  He became the air she breathed.  He became her purpose and meaning.

“Shall I give you more”? She asked hopefully, exhausted, having given it all, not keeping any to herself.

“I’ve got to go”, he said dryly.  He walked out, stepping ever so lightly.  She looked about.  The colors were gone.  All gone under the light steps of her godly Idol.



A Man Who Never Was.

Just a product of my imagination.

How sick, how utterly unhealthy:

To hope and pray for

What had never been meant to be.

A Man Who Never Was.

A Prince Who Never Sat on a Horse.

Corrupted Ugly Little Prince,

Kissing in passing, smiling from a distance.

Dancing in the shadows of Hope!

A Man Who Never Was.

Like a dream, sweetness of which

Suddenly turns into nightmare.

Flares in the dark and disappears,

Leaving one violated, gasping for air,

Lost in the wilderness of

One’s hopes and deep desires,

Wanting, craving

To Be Understood.

Nagging bodiless desire

In a total solitude of one’s being.

This you get for wanting a prince!

This you get for dreaming up

A Man Who Never Was.

This you end with,

And following your footprints

Will be many:

Lost souls, damaged

By the story of Cinderella.

It has to be outlawed.

Totally, viciously outlawed

By the nations all over.

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